Summer Solstice, 2018

A vision for you

THE GODDESS is alive in Glastonbury, visible for all to see in the shapes of the sacred landscape. She is soft as the rounded hills of Her body and sweet as the apple blossom that grows in Her orchards. Here Her love enfolds us every day and Her voice is always near, carried on the wind, whispering through the mists of Avalon. Her Mysteries are as deep as the Cauldron She stirs, taking us down into Her depths and lifting us up to Her heights. She is our Source, our Inspiration and our Love.

Our vision is to create and maintain a permanent contemporary Goddess Temple openly dedicated to the Goddess in Glastonbury and its Otherworldly counterpart, the Isle of Avalon. The Goddess Temple is a sacred space open to all, which is specially set aside for the exploration and celebration of the Divine Feminine. It is a holy place where we can worship and honour Her in ways that are old and new and where all our love for Her is welcome.

In the Glastonbury Goddess Temple we celebrate those Goddesses who are particularly associated with Glastonbury and the Isle of Avalon. Avalon is a magical land where the Goddess has lived from time immemorial and still lives today. It is a place of mystery and imagination, a place where we can let go of the old and assist in birthing the new. The primary Goddesses connected to Glastonbury and Avalon are: the Lady of Avalon (who is Morgen la Fey), the Nine Morgens, Brigit or Bridie of the Sacred Flame, Modron – Great Mother of the lineage of Avallach, Our Lady Mary of Glastonbury, the Crone of Avalon, the Tor Goddess, Lady of the Hollow Hills, Lady of the Lake and the Lady of the Holy Springs and Wells.

Beliefs of the Goddess Temple Friends and Supporters

  • We believe in the Great Goddess, who is the One and the Many, who is immanent and transcendent, personal and impersonal, constant and changing, local and universal, within and without all of creation, who manifests Herself through the cycle of the seasons and the Wheel of the Year.
  • We believe that the Goddess manifests and communicates Herself through the whole of Nature and the sacred land, through visions and dreams, senses and experiences, imagination, ceremony and prayer. We believe that no form of words can ever encompass Her.
  •  As the Goddess People of Avalon we believe in the Goddess, who is Lady of Avalon as She expresses Herself through the landscape, mythology and culture of the Isle of Avalon and in Glastonbury.