Summer Solstice, 2018

More about the temple

People are drawn to Glastonbury, to Avalon, from all over the world. Many know not what it is they seek, but they return time after time. A large number find here, in the landscape itself, the form of the Goddess and the transformation She offers. We needed a focal point for this worship. The people who come here need a permanently available sacred space in which to study, learn, be creative and above all honour the Goddess of their hearts.

The vagaries of our climate make it impossible to manage out of doors at all seasons, and we became increasingly tired of lugging around all the paraphernalia we have collected to decorate our temple – fabrics, paintings, statues and other artworks, all were at risk of being lost or damaged because they had no permanent home. It is disheartening to build a beautiful temple for a festival and dedicate the space, to feel it become more sacred as people come along to worship and love the Lady, only to have to tear it all down and dissipate the energy scant days later! We needed space to meet, to heal, for teaching and learning. We needed publicly to acknowledge and proclaim Her presence. We wished to create a beautiful place, abounding in love, creative energy and the joy of the Goddess. Most important of all, She wanted a temple and has made this desire clear to many of us.

A group of Goddess-loving people came together to progress the Glastonbury Goddess Temple project. We began by gathering interested people and raising funds. After looking at suitable buildings to rent until we had generated enough funds to buy our own property, we found a space, which opened at Imbolc 2002. The Goddess Temple remains open to visitors every day between between 12pm and 4pm.

We have had the good fortune to puchase a larger building in 2008 thanks to the generosity of our Friends and Madrons. This is The Goddess Hall where our seasonal ceremonies take place. Come and visit us, in person if you can, here if you cannot.

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