Summer Solstice, 2018

The Goddess call to you…

The Goddess Temple and the Goddess Hall are being used for all kinds of Goddess ceremonies, facilitated by different Goddess groups: rites of passage, Goddess workshops, healing ceremonies, Goddess trainings, meditations and rituals. The seasonal ceremonies are open to the public, see our online calendar for the dates.

The Goddess Temple is open 365 days of the year from 12 noon to 4pm and it is attended by Temple Melissas who volunteer their time and energy to keep the space open. Melissa is a Greek word meaning worker bee that attends the Queen Bee. We have both female and male Melissas.

We have a long term plan to create a purpose-built Goddess Temple within the natural landscape of the Isle of Avalon. We realise that this will require great human and material resources and funding and will take time to manifest. We have a Goddess Temple Building Fund and a percentage of all current donations go into this fund.

We are sounding a note, calling you to support this great project to rebuild the Goddess’s Temple of Avalon here in Glastonbury.

At this critical time when the world is in such an imbalanced state, it is important that we bring awareness of the Divine Feminine, of the Goddess, back into all our lives. As She returns to Her rightful place in the centre of our spiritual and physical lives, so balance and harmony will be restored on Her Earth. Come and honour Her in Her Temple, for through our celebration of Her, She is restored.

How you can help

Giving Your Time and Energy

We would like to open the Temple for longer periods of time during the day. If you would like to be a Temple Melissa and can offer two or more hours of your time regularly to care for a beautiful space, please contact Dawn Kinsella for further details.

Giving Your Money

The Goddess Temple exists through generous donations of energy, time and money from many people. We ask everyone who supports the vision of the Temple to become a Madron of the Goddess Temple. As a Madron you will receive regular newsletters about our progress and upcoming ceremonies and events.

You also will be invited every year to a special Madron and Melissa day in the Goddess Hall, where you will enjoy entertainment by the Priestesses and Priests. This can be talks, film shows, singing, dancing, lectures and much more.

Please support the Goddess Temple by making monthly standing order donations, small (minimum £3 per month) or large, which will allow us to cover regular costs of rent, heat, light, etc, and to build capital towards a future purpose-built Goddess Temple.

We are also happy to accept single donations, small or large. You can visit our Donations page here.

What you can do now

Become a Madron of the Goddess Temple and Hall. You can make a annual contribution of £25 ($40) per person, or make a monthly standing order or direct debit payment of a minimum of £3.00 to:

The Goddess Temple
Lloyds Bank
64 High Street
Somerset    UK

Sort Code 30-98-28, Account 00583169

Ask for a form from us or from your own bank. Fill it in and return to your own bank.

Or you can download a Standing Order Form (UK only) here.
(right-click and select open in new window, then print the form). 

Become a Temple Melissa

Helping open the Temple to the public. Contact Dawn Kinsella.

To become a Melissa will require some training which takes place in the Temple and lasts about an hour. You may offer 2 or 4 hours a week or month. If you live a distance away from Glastonbury we can arrange for you Melissa while you are visiting Glastonbury. You may have to receive updated training if the time between visits is more than 3 months apart.