Summer Solstice, 2018


The Goddess Temple exists through generous donations of energy, time and money from many people. We ask everyone who supports the vision of the Temple to become a Madron of the Goddess Temple. As a Madron you will receive regular newsletters about our progress and upcoming ceremonies and events.

You also will be invited every year to a special Madron and Melissa day in the Goddess Hall, where you will enjoy entertainment by the Priestesses and Priests. This can be talks, film shows, singing, dancing, lectures and much more.

Please support the Goddess Temple by making monthly donations, small (minimum £3 per month) or large, which will allow us to cover regular costs of rent, heat, light, etc, and to build capital towards a future purpose-built Goddess Temple.

We are also happy to accept single donations, small or large. Read more about how you can help.

You can choose from the buttons below, which should be self-explanatory. The “one-off” donation button should allow you to enter any amount, but doesn’t always work as a recurring donation – hence the addition buttons. If you wish to donate a different amount, or you have any problems, please let us know and we will do something to help. And of course – thank you!