Summer Solstice, 2018

The Netherlands

nehalenniaThe story of the Dutch Goddess Temple begins in the year 2000 when two women meet: Manon Tromp and Sandra Warmerdam were both on a journey of spiritual growth. Sandra initiated as a Priestess in 2002 and during her initiation made a promise to the Goddess to bring her back to Holland.

Together, Manon and Sandra decided to join hands in bringing the Goddess back in Holland. They attended spiritual fairs where they spoke of their beliefs and their goal: a Goddess Temple in Holland; a spiritual space to share with people their love for the Goddess. They also organized sacred tours to Avalon, wanting to share their love for this magical place with other people. In no time they had about 150 people who were interested all over Holland, Belgium and even France. In Holland there is very little provision for people who are interested in the Goddess. There are almost no Dutch books about the Goddess, and fewer known places to visit, so there is a lot of work to do.

Sooner than Sandra expected we were offered a space to use for free for at least eighteen months and in August 2003 we began work, first decorating, then smudging (a lot) followed by performing eight private ceremonies, calling in the Goddesses based on Ana’s Wheel, a very intense thing to do being just the two of us. Doubting if we were ready after all, there was the opening on September 21st 2004. We were nervous, wondering if anyone would show up, asking if this is really what She wants us to do. About 25 people came and were really interested, not just to support us, Manon and Sandra, but because they wanted to connect with the Goddess, Her female inspiration and to feel our Celtic background.

Ceremony to mark the first anniversary

We started performing the ceremonies of the Wheel – being the Dutch Wheel – and very soon some women joined the board and the Foundation, helping with the ceremonies, taking the lead, donating and showing up at fairs and markets to spread the word.

Sandra relaunched the idea of a Goddess Conference and we worked hard on it. The first Dutch Goddess Conference in Lochem was a great success. In the meantime the building in which the temple of Avalon Mystic was located closed for a big make-over and left us without our meeting place and temple for half a year. It was a challenge really, but at last in November 2005 we could reopen our beautiful new place in the same building with an impressive Samhain ceremony, visited by many people, who had not lost their way to the temple and the Goddess. Emma, priestess of Avalon, who was with us, gave her blessings to the Dutch temple as did every one present that day.

Dutch Goddess Temple

Sandra began teaching a course for Priestess of the Goddess at Samhain 2004, and so the first group of temple priestesses became a fact, a herald of De Boomgaard (The Orchard) that we launched April 2006. This is the beginning of a true spiritual community of women! A second group of students has started at Samhain 2005, the ceremonies are organised by a fine group of priestesses and we continue to work hard on the second Dutch Goddess Conference.

Changes have occurred in the composition of the board, Manon finally heading for her own spiritual path with her Natural Magic. A group of volunteers and co-workers has created a wonderful team of women, focused on the Goddess and women’s spirituality in the Netherlands.


Do you want to be part of a team of wonderful women creating a spiritual community….. either with your time, money or other gifts?

Would you like to know more about the temple?

 Want to experience the wonderful energies and celebrate the Goddess in the Dutch landscape of Lochem? Join the second Dutch Goddess Conference!

 Wanting to help and donate and keep our Dutch temple open? We are looking for volunteers and donations!

 The temple is in Hillegom – contact us for more details. We will be very happy to hear from you.

 Laura, Joyce, Petra, Marion, Lida, Sandra

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