Spring Equinox, 2017

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Imbolc 2017

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WImbolc logoorking with Bridie, Brighde, Brighid inevitably invites you to have a look into the ways and traditions of the Celtic People. She was the great Goddess for the Celts and with them She travelled through a big part of Europe, as they were always on the run for the Romans, to finally end up in the far Western places of civilisation like Scotland and Ireland and even more so the Western Islands of these lands.

I love the many, many legends and myths there are about Brighid. They seem never ending and everybody has a little different way of interpreting and applying these stories. If you look to them from a Goddess perspective, you will find other truths and wisdom than when you listen to them in a Christian context and without a doubt the Druids will find other depths in Her tales.

One thing I have learned, journeying with Brighde, is that truth can be very fluid. The way I see Her, the way I hear Her call me, whisper Her wisdom to me, the way I feel Her love and follow Her as She guides me, can be totally different to how somebody else perceives Her. Both ways can however be very true and hold a deep truth and connection for each of us!

It makes me wonder how the Celtic People perceived Her. Why was She so important to them, that they named so many places of nature, like rivers and springs, but also places of people, towns and cities after Her. Why did She speak to them especially ?

snowdropsI am not trying to presume that I am in any way an expert when it comes to Celtic history and tradition. These ponderings are just my truths, my interpretations. But when I try to travel back in my mind to those times, it feels to me that the Celts lived in difficult times. Trying to find a place to call home, to settle and live in peace, but again and again being driven away by the growing force of the Romans.

Maybe it was that Brighid inspired them to carry on whatever. I have a deep admiration for Celtic artwork and I tend to melt when I hear an Irish or Scottish jig. There is so much mystery and beauty in their creations, it really touches my soul. It feels profoundly uplifting, a real celebration of their deepest being. Could it be that through Brighid’s inspiration, the Celts could create home in themselves, wherever they were ?

Or could it be that Brighid was their Beacon of Light ? As great Goddess of Fire, the Fiery Arrow, Mother of the Hearth Fires, Keeper of the Flame, Patroness of Smithcraft; did She inspire them to see light even in the darkest places, to move through the difficult times in the conviction that there were better days to come ? That somewhere they would find their home, a place to light their hearths forever?

I will probably never know why Brighid was so important to the Celts. But it is not hard to imagine, especially now at the time of Imbolc, that Brighid was and still is a Goddess of Hope. As each year we welcome Her into our homes, when we light the Hearth Fires from Her Sacred Flame, She brings back the light, She inspires us to start creating and celebrating beauty in life again, after being dormant and in the dark during the winter; Brighid invites us to come back home … to ourselves!

Bright Imbolc Blessings!
Marion Brigantia, Priestess of Brighde

Goddess House – Where are we now?

by Kathy Jones, Creative Director, Glastonbury Goddess Temple and Trainings

The beautiful Brighde Room in Goddess House

The beautiful Brighde Room in Goddess House

It is ten months since we first opened our doors at Goddess House and began to offer our healing skills to the public. I am so grateful to everyone who has made this possible, who has given so much time and energy to making Goddess House such a beautiful healing space. Thank you to Angie Twydall, Mike Jones, Bee Baganz-Dickinson, Marion van Eupen, Olivia Church, Nandini Gibbins, Mandie Thorne, Marisa Picardo, Mary Bruce, Karen Hearn, Rachel Harris, Annie Sapsead, Anna-Saqqara Price, Stephanie Mathivet, Becky Johansson, Lorraine Pickles, Mohini Dasi, Ann Perelsman, Iona Jones, Gwyneth Robbins, Dawn Kinsella and all the partners, family and friends who helped us transform the House in the first months, and to all our helpful volunteer Melissas. Our world is so in need of healing at this time and we all wish to provide a Goddess-centred healing service in the truest sense of the words.

At the beginning we just dived in and began to decorate the building and set up the different workshop and healing rooms, without much preparation, but with a lot of Her inspiration. It has taken time to see what the House needs to work properly, developing the systems and procedures which benefit everyone, so that we become the great loving Motherworld Enterprise we want to be.

Goddess House offers dedicated Healing Practitioners a beautiful Goddess-centred space in which to practice, with lovely healing rooms supervised by Olivia our House Weaver, who promotes all therapies and practitioners, organises House reception, marketing, payment and credit card facilities, money and room management. We have House cleaners, gardeners, group meetings, supervision, support and practice development. All these factors allow healers to practice their specialised healing therapies, to earn their livings as healers, and (for those who are) as priestesses.

The House costs each year are high as we rent the building and it is a new enterprise. We receive income from group room bookings and from therapist bookings. The Healing centre has some way to go in becoming self-sufficient, but we are optimistic that in the next year each therapist’s personal client base will develop and grow with their experience. It is part of our plan to invite more therapists to join us, bringing their regular clients with them so that more rooms are booked more often and we are able to cover our costs. At the moment Goddess House is greatly supported in its development by the other successful activities of Glastonbury Goddess Temple.

We provide high quality healing therapies from experienced and qualified practitioners. Over the last ten months we have been building our healing team and are proud of the commitment and dedication of the people who are working in the House.

Our most popular therapy at the moment is Goddess-centred holistic massage, but we offer many different kinds of massage – Full Body Aromatherapy, Back massage, Swedish, Hot Stone, Lomi Lomi, Goddess, Womb, Facial, as well as Indian Head Massage and Reflexology. Two new massage therapies now on offer are Bamboo Massage, using rolling bamboo batons, with Nandini Gibbins, and Tui Na or Chinese Massage, which works with the meridians of the body, with Ann Pelsmaekers.

We also offer several different kinds of healing and energy work for the well-being and healing of the body, mind and soul, including Reiki, Deep Soul Healing, Crystal and Morgen Transformation healing. We offer herbal medicine with Mary Bruce and Talking Therapies, including Psychotherapy, Counselling, Life Coaching and NLP. There is also advanced Bowen Therapy, Ear Candles, Pampering Manicures, Waxing, and Life and Soul Path readings. What a feast !

Every so often we hold a Ceremonial Healing Day in Goddess House. People are led through a blessing of the elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth and then receive healing in the Nolava Room, where three to four other people are healed at the same time by four to eight healers working with sound and energy. These provide powerful healings for people. The next Healing Day is 21st January 2017, then May 29th. From February 9th 2017 we are offering weekly Healing by Donation sessions every Thursday afternoon at the House between 1.00 pm and 4.00 pm. Do come and receive the healing you need.

As the Maiden Goddess returns to the earth at Imbolc we send you love and healing blessings from the Heart of Avalon.

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