Summer Solstice, 2018

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Beltane 2018

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Artwork by Elaine Morgan

Artwork by Elaine Morgan

Beltane! Joyous celebration of life, as the wheel turns and the landscape opens in beauty to the presence of Great Goddess Rhiannon. She shows Herself in blossom, rising sap, dancing people, greening trees and singing birds. She has come, riding into the land and into our dreamed reality: Mistress of the Labyrinth and Gatekeeper of the Mysteries, the Land sings Her praises and we adore Her.

Walking at this time in the landscape of Avalon, as elsewhere in Her nature, we can experience Her closeness. In the love songs of the birds that sing Her magic, in the exuberant sky dance of swallow and swifts returning home to us from far away shores. In the sweet scented blossom perfuming the wind, in the fiery caress of the sun warming our bodies and the awakening earth: oh She is here, She kisses us, and everything changes.

Amongst the Beltane celebrations of people and springtime flowers, we can imagine Her radiant Love touching us. Through the love light in the eyes of friends and lovers dancing around the Beltane fire, we feel Her. Through the hawthorn blooms, the bluebells and cowslip flowers shining beneath the liquid green of new leaves, She is opening our senses and softening our being into realizing our intimate non-separation from Her. Allow Her to speak to you so sweetly, allow Her scent to intoxicate you, allow Her touch to delight you and allow Her delicate taste of love to bring a smile to your body and heart.

Rhiannon, radiant Great Goddess, is always present through the softening into greater aliveness of our senses, through the wisdom living in the heart that loves.

Sometimes however, despite the beauty of our awakening land, it is hard to feel connection to Goddess and allow our heart to soften and open to Her ever-present love.

As I write this (in early March), there is snow melting on the ground and spring, let alone Rhiannon’s celebration of the fertile dance of life, still feels a long time away. So how can we stay connected to Her? Especially at times when the seasons of our personal life, or the season of the land, make it more challenging to experience Her immanent and immediate presence.

Like the frozen earth melting open to the sunrays’ gift of new life energy, we have to find ways to open to trust, to remember and make alive our connection to Her. We can do this by surrounding our self with Her images and through committing to personal practices. By making ceremony for Her and for yourself ; small acts of loving kindness, small daily rituals of self care and honouring will help remind us of the fact that we are all held by Her, guided into the unfolding of our soul’s journey. Visualize Her before you fall asleep and rest in Her blessings. Give thanks for all Her gifts in your life first thing in the morning, to remember how fortunate we are to be alive on Her sacred Earth here and now.

It can be difficult to imagine Her with us when we struggle to make sense of life. At times like that, coming to Her temple here in Avalon is wonderful medicine. As the colours and images of the Avalonian Goddess wheel change with the seasons in Her temple, we can feel held both in times of joyous celebration and times of loss and aloneness. Here, now, Rhiannon’s Red fills the Temple space as a safe womb of life nurturing our fear and wounding into wholeness, while allowing our shining empowerment to rise with Her tender encouragement.

Come and visit us! Come and celebrate with us, come and be held in Her love and healing. Allow Rhiannon’s radiance to enter deeply into all the places that are afraid, sad or angry, and receive Her sweet balm of Love. Let Her inspire you to shine more freely and to bring the beauty of Her ways further out into your own life and into the world around you.

We look forward to welcoming you in the Goddess Temple of Avalon and send you Rhiannon’s Blessings of joyful belonging, clear intention and all embracing love.

By Katinka Soetens
Priestess of Rhiannon and of Avalon
Director of the Magdalene Mystery School
Priestess of Rhiannon; Sacred sexual Priestess of Love training

Moving towards Motherworld

by Katrin Knuepfer

“I know we will create a society where there are no rich or poor, no people without work or beauty in their lives,
where money itself will disappear, where we shall all be brothers and sisters, where everyone will have enough.” – Sylvia Pankhurst

Last autumn a group of local Glastonbury women, started meeting up every fortnight at Goddess House. We are exploring visions, exchanging ideas and dreaming together a future form of society in which mothers and the values of mothering are placed in the centre. The values of mothering like love, care, support, sharing wealth, diversity, equal rights and sustainability are the foundation of a new form of society – Motherworld. This Vision of Motherworld is inspired by the Lady of Avalon, Great Goddess of love, compassion, healing and transformation on the Sacred Isle of Avalon. The initial Motherworld vision was grounded and activated ceremonially at the 2013 Glastonbury Goddess Conference.

After our first meetings and our beginning enthusiasm, I started doubting that Motherworld could be actualized. I felt overwhelmed by the complexity, not knowing where and how to start. Always coming back to define what we actually want.

At the same time, I started to organise the nearly weekly ‘Explore Feminism Talks’ in Goddess House. The talks cover own personal stories of how feminism was and is part of community members’ lives, and women and men share their wisdom and visions in an open discussion. We also have educative talks about feminist-related topics. We have had Finn Mackay, the author of the book ‘Radical Feminism’, come to give a talk. The talks remind me weekly that every revolution starts as a little voice calling out for change. By speaking it out loud it creates echoes from other places and together our voices are getting louder and more powerful very quickly until finally change is happening.

More happened all over the world in the last months, most prominently the #metoo campaign in which millions of women found their voice to state that they are survivors of violence and abuse. This shows everyone that this is not a problem of a minority of women. On the contrary nearly every woman is facing discrimination and the majority have been abused in some form. A big group of us from Glastonbury have just taken part in the Million Women Rising march in London, carrying the Motherworld banner amongst thousands of women reclaiming back their power and right to be safe – what a powerful experience.

On an environmental level a new broader awakening is happening. For example, the plastic debate was recently empowered by David Attenborough’s Blue Planet documentary about the plastic pollution in the oceans, which reached out to so many people. Politicians are now making it a priority on their agenda to change the amount of plastics being used.

The world we are living in right now is pure capitalism and governed by money which accumulates most rapidly through corruption and racketeering. Donald Trump currently makes it more obvious than anyone before that politics are based on economical profit for the elite.

Anyway, in so many more aspects of our live, if it is health, education or working environment, shifts are happening more publicly, obviously and rapidly. For me it feels like a big wave of acknowledging, sharing and uniting. This is starting to create an atmosphere of hope and willingness for activism. The urge for improved living conditions is becoming a motivation to act for so many people in the world.

After years of frustration about the current situation of our planet, Mother Earth, I finally found in the Motherworld Movement a possibility to transform this energy of anger and rage into activism, by sitting in circle and getting clearer visions about how a nurturing and harmonic future can look like and finding ways of getting there. Although it is just a beginning and so much is still very unclear, I already feel the nurturing through sharing this beautiful vision of our future.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln

I believe in Motherworld, although I can’t tell you exactly what this will look like nor how to get there, I am excited to dream it together with my sisters and brothers. These are my commitments towards change:

  • I am willing to change myself and my behaviours.
  • I am willing to explore and embrace my shadows.
  • I am willing to fall and get up again.
  • I am willing to support others on the path with compassion and love.
  • I am willing to be criticised and challenged and find the gift in it.
  • I am willing to speak up and defend my truth.
  • I am willing to try all that is needed!

The most powerful source to achieve change lies in unity between people. The Standing Rock protest in the USA is a recent example of tribes and groups, individuals and communities coming together, uniting to reach a goal.

Therefore, we invite dreamers, visionaries, makers, explorers, constructive critics and everyone with an open heart and the belief in change.

If you feel the call to become part of a Motherworld Movement, which seems tiny at the moment but has incredible potential, please contact us and join us for our gatherings.

To find out more about the Vision of Motherworld please see The Motherworld page on Facebook and our website:




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