Autumn Equinox, 2017

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Lammas 2017

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Lammas time, Season of the Great Mother, Ker; Beloved nurturing, life-giving, honey sweet Goddess of belonging. She who gives the milk of compassion and is the blessed balm of forgiveness. Hers are these golden days of abundance, the crops are ripe, bees buzz in the flowers and the sun is high. The evenings still long, and school is out, so families return to the ‘state of being’ home life is a heaven for, outside of society’s drive for the ‘state of doing’ we have to live in so often. Time to read, dream, create, gather with friends and play as the Sacred Isle of Avalon lies heavy with heat under the haze of the Summerlands.

As we celebrate the height of summer, and the Temple is dressed in gold and yellow, we also rejoice in the wonderful abundant celebration of Goddess that is our yearly Goddess Conference.

Here we gather to meet new and old friends as we come together for a full emergence into Temple life and Goddess abundance. We admire wonderful Goddess art,Her energy expressing through us into formin all media imaginable, and are moved by interesting and inspiring talks. Here we try out new things in fantastic workshops and move deeper into Her presence through sacred performances and powerful ceremonies. This year, we are co-creating the Great world Temple of Goddess with all those who visit and participate in the Conference, manifesting a vision that resonates not only into our collective past but beams forwards into an imagined future: into the World of Goddess.

The Great Mother Goddess holds us in this time and tells us all is well so that we may trust, we may take a break from the rush of life’s hectic pace and many of us go on holiday to visit loved ones or make pilgrimage to ancient Goddess temple sites in other lands.

The Goddess Temple here in Glastonbury is visited by many pilgrims who come and sit in Her radiance, who seek this place where we openly and lovingly honour and serve Goddess, and find the opening of their being as She welcomes them into Her embracing energy. For me, the Temple here is like the ‘sitting room of the Goddess’, a place to meditate, release, receive, heal, celebrate and pray. I’m sure many people feel the same, and so the Temple has a special place of importance for so many people from so many different places. It is such a privilege to serve and priestess in Her Temple in Glastonbury as we attempt to live once more in the ways of the Temple of the Goddess as an active, normal focused, day to day, community state of being. I belief the Glastonbury Goddess Temple to be a trailblazing place of initiation, an inspirational, transformative place of power. Here I can remember and dream into being. Here I can feel my Celtic ancestors.

beesHer Temples were the human expression of the lived experience with the sacred land as Her body. As centres of ceremony, worship, celebration, learning, birthing, dying, and healing, Temples have always been a space where we get to emerge into connection with sacred land and experience non-separation from Her. In the time of our ancestors, as She became the Deity of place, manifesting at the interface of the land and the people living on the land, our human minds found form for She who is beyond form, through the embodied experience of Her presence in certain places. Skilled people, able to hold and give form to Her radiance, energy and vibrational essence, created ceremonies on the sacred places in the land where She was most accessible to them. Here they build the structures to echo or represent those power points within the sacred landscape, and Goddess Temples became the gateway places for the people for dropping into lived experience of Her. The entire community and way of life was focused through, on and around these Temples. Here in Glastonbury, as well as in other places in the UK and all over the world, we are once more learning what this way of living and serving Her might mean, what that can look and be like for us today.

Avalon has long held the mysteries of coming home as part of a spiritual journey, part of a soul’s calling and an awakening of consciousness. For me this is a part of the gift from Great Bountiful Mother Goddess, as we allow ourselves to receive from the place that knows, that has never forgotten, where nothing is lost and lack is known for the illusion it really is, as we surrender into the lap of the Mother in Her Temple. From there we can dream a new world into being, a world of Goddess; a MotherWorld, and gain the nourishment for our soul that will ignite our courage to be the trailblazers, the change makers, the Love-in-Action as Her people.

With blessings of Her golden season.

Katinka Soetens, Priestess teacher,
Goddess Conference co-organiser and initiatrix of the Priestess of Rhiannon training

Soul & Shadow: Birthing Motherworld – the Healing Journey of a Priestess of Avalon

by Kathy Jones, Creatrix & Founder of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, Goddess Conference & Goddess Temple Teachings

Soul and ShadowWhen I wrote and published Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of the Goddess in 2006, I felt that that book said everything I understood at the time about the journey it takes to become a Priestess of the Lady of Avalon. It was the last in a series of Goddess and Healing books that I had written over the previous years. After its publication I didn’t write any new books for eight years. Between then and now my life as Her Priestess has continued to develop and to bring new challenges for me to meet, heal and integrate, as our Goddess adventures here in Glastonbury and around the world have also grown and developed.

Now I feel that I again have something to say that could be helpful to others about this Priestess path which many are called to follow. At Beltane 2017 I published a new updated version of the well-loved book, The Ancient British Goddess, as it was going out of print. When I re-read it I thought it is such a great book for those who are beginning their path to Goddess here in Brigit’s Isles. It’s good for those who want explore who She is within the British landscape, stories, societies and in people’s lives. I hope you enjoy this version.

Over the last couple of years I have been writing and rewriting a new book, Soul and Shadow : Birthing Motherworld, The Healing Journey of a Priestess of Avalon. This book is being published this Lammas and will be launched during the Goddess Conference. It tells the story of my personal experiences as a Priestess of Avalon, meeting the wounded places that lie within me and beginning to heal them. These karmic wounds are the consequence of negative experiences I had in my childhood and adult years, which in turn come from other lives. These wounds reach back into the far past, through lives lived in patriarchy, back to Goddess-loving times when I served as Her Priestess in Her Temple in different places in the world.

In writing this book I take responsibility for my own feelings, thoughts and actions as they have played out in my life and in the life of our Goddess community here in Glastonbury and in the wider world. I hope that it will give you an insight into what it takes to be Her Priestess in the world and ways in which you may meet your own dilemmas and woundings that they might be healed in Her love.

With love and blessings from Avalon
Kathy Jones

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