Summer Solstice, 2018

Goddess Temples around the world

It’s great to see so many Goddess Temples opening up – we now know of quite a number, so have organised the list to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

Also good to see people using pop-up temples while they fundraise and look for permanent accommodation – we’ve started a new section on here for these, so if you do this, let us know!  We have an interesting article on this site about pop-up temples.

Want to add your temple?  Contact us with details.

Pop-Up Temples

England – Kent

Altar - March 2014

The Kent Goddess Group, The Sisters of the Sacred Spiral is a Woman’s group dedicated to celebrating Goddess and the Divine Feminine.

We currently meet to celebrate the 8 seasonal festivals of the year, joining Her in Her spiral dance at Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lammas and the Autumn Equinox.

We seek to gain greater knowledge of Her in Her aspects of Maiden, Lover, Mother, Queen and Crone.

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England – Norfolk

Norfolk Goddess Temple

Norfolk Goddess Temple

The Norfolk Goddess Temple is a pop-up temple that holds open celebrations around the eight seasonal festivals, usually on a Sunday evening close to the date, and also offers workshops, talks and training. We are dedicated to the Goddess Andraste, also known as Andred, who was worshipped in our sacred land by the Iceni tribe. We have developed a Wheel of East Anglia using indigenous goddesses to our region as well as using the beautiful the Wheel of Britannia. We aim to have a permanent base one day soon in which to celebrate the feminine divine. Our community welcomes people from all paths who feel drawn to Goddess.

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England – Nottingham

The Nottingham Goddess Temple
upstairs at The Mystic Moon
29 Hall Street, Nottingham NG5 4AS

Nottingham Goddess TempleThe Nottingham Goddess Temple lies in the Heart of England, at the current moment the Temple is a Pop-up Temple around each of the 8 seasonal dates, normally opening on the Saturday closest to the Sabbat.

The Temple is dedicated to the Lady in Nottingham and the Wheel of Britannia. The Goddess of Nottingham has been long since forgotten in the mists of time, so it is our job now to Reclaim the Sacred Feminine which lies in the Heart of England.

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England – Sheffield

Our Beltane AltarSheffield Goddess Temple opened at Imbolc 2014 and provides a sacred space for quiet contemplation every day except Sunday between 12.30-1.30pm. You can find us above Airy Fairy Shop and Café, 239 London Road, Sheffield S24NF.

We celebrate the wheel of the year, with ceremony and workshops, and these are advertised on our Facebook page: Sheffield Goddess Temple where full details can be found two weeks before an event.

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Hungary – Budapest

Goddess Temple, Istenno Templom, Hungary

Goddess Temple/Istenno TemplomBlessings to You, who are ready to pass through the veils of forgetting and to remember Her! To remember Her, the Great Goddess, who is the source of all life! The Great Goddess of Old Europe honoured and loved by our ancestors! The Great Goddess, the life-force of our Universe, whose womb is the cauldron of birth, death and rebirth! The Great Goddess, whose heart is beating in the earth under our feet and whose love surrounds and nurtures us!

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Italy – Turin 

In June 2015, the Italian Goddess Temple of Turin, north Italy, was born. The Permanent Temple of Turin is dedicated to the Goddess Diana Ancient-Italic and Mediterranean Goddess, to the Lady of Avalon and her Priestesses Viviana and Morgana, to the Goddess Isis, powerful presence in the city of Turin and to the Mother Bear, primordial Lady of our Mountains.

The Temple of the Goddess of Turin is an Oracling Sacred Space, a place of healing, study, research and meditation. The Priestesses of the Temple of Turin will also welcome you to discover the activities of the Association of Social Promotion and Research Center for the Partnership connected to our Temple, born and curated thanks to the work of Sarah Perini and the Circle of women and men of the Wheel of Diana and Avalon.

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The Netherlands – Hillegom

nehalenniaThe story of the Dutch Goddess Temple begins in the year 2000 when two women meet: Manon Tromp and Sandra Warmerdam were both on a journey of spiritual growth. Sandra initiated as a Priestess in 2002 and during her initiation made a promise to the Goddess to bring her back to Holland.

Together, Manon and Sandra decided to join hands in bringing the Goddess back in Holland. They attended spiritual fairs where they spoke of their beliefs and their goal: a Goddess Temple in Holland; a spiritual space to share with people their love for the Goddess. They also organized sacred tours to Avalon, wanting to share their love for this magical place with other people. In no time they had about 150 people who were interested all over Holland, Belgium and even France. In Holland there is very little provision for people who are interested in the Goddess. There are almost no Dutch books about the Goddess, and fewer known places to visit, so there is a lot of work to do.

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North America

USA – California

The GODDESS TEMPLE of Orange County

The Goddess Temple of Orange County

The Goddess Temple of Orange County is a temple for women of all faiths dedicated to honoring the Sacred Feminine. Located near John Wayne Airport at 17905 Sky Park Circle in the city of Irvine, California, USA.

The Goddess Temple of Orange County’s vision and mission:

“The Goddess Temple of Orange County powerfully, magically holds this vision for the world: that women worldwide are joyfully reclaiming their ancient natural spiritual authority and powers through service to and reverence for The Sacred Feminine, thus restoring kindness, peace and prosperity to humanity and balance with our relations with Mother Earth for the good of all.”

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USA – Nevada

The Temple of Goddess Spirituality Dedicated to Sekhmet

The Temple of Goddess Spirituality Dedicated to Sekhmet was built in 1993 as the fulfillment of the promise that Genevieve Vaughan made to Sekhmet in 1965 when she asked Her to bless her with children. The Temple is a straw-bale structure covered in stucco. The Temple houses a statue of Sekhmet facing the Nevada Test Site. Across from Her is the statue of Madre del Mundo, originally placed at the Nevada test site in 1987. Both statues were made by Marsha Gomez. Smaller statues of goddesses of many cultures adorn the walls.

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USA – Oregon 

Goddess Temple of Ashland

The Goddess Temple of Ashland is located in the enchanted town of Ashland, Oregon. The temple has been generously supported and welcomed by the 30 acres of the Jackson Wellsprings Mineral Waters Spa, and it rests on ancient indigenous ceremonial healing and peace counsel grounds. Fields of organic herbs and food gardens surround the dome of the temple, which serves as a gateway to the Mikvah, a sacred black and yellow warm springs pool that is used as a ceremonial rebirthing, baptismal and ritual pool for the larger community. The temple also sits next to a small moated Apple Isle complete with apple tree with prayer ribbons, crescent moon gardens, and ceremonial circle space. The Goddess Temple of Ashland supports community ritual, moonlodge, sacred sound and voice, a temple dance education and performance collective, sacred bee keeping, a healing arts collective, priestess birth attendants, rites of passage ceremonies, Priestess of the Goddess trainings, and Priestess of the Waters trainings.

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USA – Utah

Utah Goddess TempleThe Utah Goddess Temple is located in Southern Utah, just west of Cedar City on private property. The Utah Goddess Temple was designed and built by Gypsy Jean and her husband of seventeen years Mason. Together using very minimal modern equipment the Utah Goddess Temple was constructed in less than thirty days. She was truly a labor of love, blood, sweat and tears. The Goddess Temple consists of seventy-five percent recycled material, granite stone gathered within five miles of the property, wood harvested from within thirty miles, the mortar was mixed by hand and each stone, log and recycled glass bottle was placed strategically to create a very elemental sanctuary, solid. Our desire and goal has been to create and facilitate safe space for those who seek a more nature based religious sanctuary. On May 27th, 2017 the Temple was dedicated in the presence of thirty-three women. The Temple was dedicated in honor to the Paiute women who worked this land long before we did, to our ancestors who remained with us as we placed each stone, and as a safe space for those who seek an anchor to connect or reconnect with the Divine Mother Goddess through earth based ceremonies, Lunar rites, ancient pagan traditions and practices.

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Australia – New South Wales

PaGaian MoonCourt
Blue Mountains, New South Wales

Mooncourt Temple

A temple in Goddess’ service: it is a sacred Court for Her rituals of never-ending renewal – the eternal Re-Creation which is represented in the Wheel of the Year, the phases of the Moon and all Being. The MoonCourt was built by a local craftsperson using recycled building materials to produce a cob wall with Solstice windows and an Equinox marker. It has a reciprocal roof frame. It is the site for Seasonal ritual for an open community – a taste of these celebrations of the Triple Goddess as Cosmic Dynamic of Creativity can be had at YouTube pagaian channel.

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Australia – Victoria

Gaia’s Garden
11 Munro St
Kew East, 3102

Gaia's Garden

Gaia’s Garden is a wonderful location in Kew East, Victoria, Australia, which contains a sacred ceremonial space, labyrinth and meditation spaces. We conduct workshops and study circles as well as allowing for small groups and individuals to privately use the spaces by negotiation.

While we acknowledge that there are men who are also on this journey we have reserved the garden for women who often do not have the resources to explore their spirituality in harmony and peace.