Summer Solstice, 2018

The Glastonbury Goddess Hall

The Goddess Hall

Since June 24th 2008 the Glastonbury Goddess Temple has owned the Goddess Hall in Benedict Street, Glastonbury. We bought the Hall as a next step in expanding the ceremonial and educational work and practice of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, and this has proved to be very successful. It is now a wonderful Goddess space for our larger seasonal ceremonies, for the Priestess of Avalon and other trainings, and for many spiritually based courses and workshops.

We continue to rent the Courtyard Goddess Temple, which is open each day to the public for personal prayer and meditation and for smaller ceremonies. Both buildings are now held in trust by Glastonbury Goddess Temple, Company limited by guarantee – Not for Profit. Registered in England. Company No 5824913.

We paid for the Goddess Hall from donations accumulated over six years from supporters of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, and by taking out a mortgage of £97,000. We are happily paying this loan each month from donations and from hiring of the Hall for other spiritual workshops and events.

Since June a wonderful team of supporters, Melissas, Madrons and Friends of the Temple have helped refurbish and redecorate the Goddess Hall. We have painted the main Hall inside and out and all the ancillary rooms and have a new Goddess Hall sign above the entrance. The Hall itself has been decorated with Goddess paintings from many artists including Caroline Gully, Wendy Andrew, Dorry Joy and Monica Sjöö. There are also Goddess sculptures and statues as well as the main altar with a wicker Goddess created by Foosiya Miller and smaller altars in the four directions. We have recently replaced all the old metal windows with new, double-glazed units.

We have received wonderful donations of crockery and cutlery for the kitchen which is now really well equipped for seasonal feasts. We found a bargain set of comfortable stacking chairs and also have some comfy sofas for people to sit on, as well as cushions.

We have begun work on the gardens rotivating the back plot and preparing it for this season’s planting.

We want to thank all the wonderful people who have donated their time, energy and money to the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, and now to the Hall as well, helping to create beautiful loving Goddess spaces, bringing awareness of Goddess back into the world. You are the best people and without all of you none of this would be happening!

On this page are photos of the Hall and gardens in process and also of some of the ceremonies we have held there. We hope to see you at some of our events.

We need your help paying the mortgage

As well as continuing to fund the Courtyard Goddess Temple we now have the Goddess Hall mortgage to pay.

Please consider becoming a Goddess Temple Madron, making a monthly standing order donation to the Goddess Temple. We can cover the cost of the mortgage if 35 people donate £20 per month, or 70 people donate £10 per month, or 150 people donate £5.00 per month or 300 people donate £2.50 per month. Any amount you can donate will support the Temple.

As a Temple Madron you will receive our Temple Newsletter four times a year, plus invitations to special twice-yearly Madrons, Friends and Melissa days where specially selected Goddess speakers and presenters will delight and entertain you.

Click here to find our bank details for your Madron standing order, to become a Friend of the Temple or there is a button below where you can make a single donation – if you live abroad its easiest to make regular donations online by paypal.

Or contact our webmistress, Geraldine Charles.

Improving the Hall

We have made great progress in the Hall and thank everyone who has contributed so far, and we still need financial help to pay for the following items.

  • Check and renew lighting.
  • Sanding and polishing the wooden floor.
  • Specially commissioned painting for the front wall of the Hall.

Practical Help

The Goddess Hall is a Goddess Community space and we are all volunteers. If you have particular practical skills that you are willing to donate to the Temple we will be very glad of your help.

With many blessings from Kathy Jones
on behalf of the Goddess Temple Directors – Erin McCauliff, Kathy Jones, Katinka Soetens, Michelle Patten and Sally Pullinger.