Summer Solstice, 2018

The wheel of the year

The Wheel of the Year, sometimes known as the Medicine Wheel, associates the compass directions with the seasons, deities, elements, colours, creatures of the sacred knowledge of a society or culture. The wheel traditionally used by Pagans in both Britain and America is sometimes known as the Wiccan Wheel, with fire in the south and water in the west.

However, in the Goddess Temple we use the sacred Wheel of Britannia, or Ana, in which the directions have turned one-quarter turn anti-clockwise. Kathy Jones, (in whose book Spinning the Wheel of Ana you can read much more about the wheel) writes that Ana is the originating Womb of the world, the Spinner of the Thread of Life, Weaver of Fate and Destiny.

Obviously, in the British Isles, the north corresponds to the winter solstice and the south to summer etc.

Table of Correspondences